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Consultation Service

Please contact me via email at if you wish to get information on your furniture.

My service includes any or all of the following:

1) Authentication of your piece (Is it an Adrian Pearsall design or not?)
2) Identification of your specific piece (providing stock catalog number, etc. if known)
3) Determining its value
4) Giving advice on where to sell it, ideas on repairing it and/or getting it restored

5) Where to purchase vintage fabrics or ideas on the kinds of fabrics Pearsall used
6) Anything else I can help you with regarding your furniture

My fee is 50.00 for this service and can be paid to me via this website.

Or if you prefer, you can contact Adrian Pearsall's son, Jim Pearsall at to purchase the information he provides through his certification process. 

NOTE: I will need photographs in which to analyze your furniture usually the underneath sides. As I specialize in only Pearsall designs, if it is not a Pearsall piece, I may not know who the designer is.

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