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Adrian Pearsall created hundreds of distinctive furniture designs between 1952 to the mid 1970s. He became widely known for an innovative, modern esthetic achieved through the use of natural materials and an imaginative use of shape and form influenced by his background in architecture. The sculptural quality of his work gave the impression to the buyer that owning a piece of Pearsall was like owning a piece of art. The variety of his chair designs makes it difficult to categorize them. Pearsall seemed to always be moving on to the next project, pushing himself to make an even more exciting creation than his last, not producing too many of any one given design. This helps to explain the rarity and collectibility of his pieces.

Chaise Lounges

Dining Chairs




Swivel/Swivel Rockers

Walnut Grasshopper-legged Base

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Walnut Handrests

Walnut-framed Base


Walnut-raised Handrests

Walnut-shaved Armrests

Miscellaneous Chairs

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