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Pearsall designed a very wide range of chairs. In an attempt to organize them by like characteristics, I have created twelve drop down categories to help customers locate a particular kind of chair.  Although these categories are not official names used by Crafts Associates, the company did sometimes use general terms to reference a particular kind of chair such as a "wing back", for example.

There are also some chairs that have characteristics that bridge more than one category. The photo on this page, for example, shows a rocker that also has raised armrests.  So it was represented in both the "raised armrest" as well as the "rocker" categories.

Luckily for us, there are many kinds of Pearsall chairs to choose from! The variety and proliferation of his designs sometimes makes it difficult to choose one great piece over another. Pearsall seemed to always be moving on to the next project thus pushing himself to make an even more exciting creation than his last, whereby not producing too many of any given design.  This helps to explain the rarity and collectibility of his pieces and why owning one is like owning a piece of history!

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